Bob’s Your Uncle

The gravestone of Samuel Smedley is back in place:

In order to repair the historic headstone, it was removed from the Old Burying Ground and brought to Jim Bria for restoration at his Artista studio. Three rods were inserted into the gravestone, which was then epoxyed into a granite base for stability.

When the weather gets warmer, Melanie Marks, a historic researcher and professional genealogist, said the committee will clean the gravestone with a biodegradeable solution.

The solution will scour the lichen from the stone without brushing, which could further erode the inscription. While still difficult to read, the light on the upright stone makes the inscription ten times easier to discern than before. I’m hopeful the solution will increase the legibility even more.

All that remains is to pay for the modest cost of the restoration. Interested in making a donation? See the contact instructions at the bottom of the article.

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