The Dead Ride FastThe Dead Ride Fast

A gang of bank robbers arrives in a town where everyone knows the future. A prospector discovers the cost of gold is the loss of himself. An abandoned ranch house conceals a dark history. An ailing sailor is initiated into a secret world after consuming a macabre medicine. A businessman reopens a silver mine that should have been left sealed. Two young girls confront a string of unnoticed disappearances.

The Dead Ride Fast collects five stories previously published in the award-winning magazine Black Static and anthologies such as Horror Library, Low Noon, Principia Ponderosa, and the Stoker-nominated Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations. An original story is also included.

Ghosts. Doppelgängers. Our guilty yesterdays and anxious tomorrows. Saddle up for six stories of existential dread on the haunted frontier.

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Short Fiction

A Different Sunlight
Nightscript, Volume IV, October 2018

Wide Wide Sea
Weirdbook, Issue 37, December 2017

Cartagena Hotel
Horror Library, Volume 6, April 2017

Mourning Dove
Principia Ponderosa, March 2017

The Fishers of Men
Black Static, Issue 44, January/February 2015

Red River
Science Fiction Trails #11, April 2014

Rio Grande
Altered America, March 2014

Crescent City
New Orleans by Gaslight, May 2013

Black Static, Issue 31, November 2012

Low Noon, March 2012

Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations, March 2012

Another Wild West, November 2011

Glorieta Pass
Science Fiction Trails #7, October 2011