But Will There Be Zeppelins?

The WSJ‘s Weekend Journal has a cover story on modern American secessionist movements. Unlike most press on the matter, writer Paul Starobin posits economics rather than politics or cultural differences may drive a hypothetical devolution of the Union:

[George F. Kennan’s] spirit, the spirit of an anti-federalist modernist, can be glimpsed in an intriguing “mega-region” initiative encompassing greater San Diego County, next-door Imperial County and, to the immediate south of the U.S. border, Northern Baja, Mexico. Elected officials representing all three participating areas recently unveiled “Cali Baja, a Bi-National Mega-Region,” as the “international marketing brand” for the project.

The idea is to create a global economic powerhouse by combining San Diego’s proven abilities in scientific research and development with Imperial County’s abundance of inexpensive land and availability of water rights and Northern Baja’s manufacturing base, low labor costs and ability to supply the San Diego area with electricity during peak-use terms.

Cali Baja has no intention of seceding; the point is, necessity is the mother of state-building.

Image courtesy of WizKids Games. And if you don’t understand it, then you haven’t been playing the right video games.