Selected Clips

My archive at the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, 2018–2019

Reading the American Post-Apocalypse
Medium, December 2017

Decoding the Success of a Picture Book About Monsters and Trolls
Atlas Obscura, June 2017

As American as Apfelkuchen
Politics Means Politics, March 2017

Chopping Wood: A Beginner’s Guide
Insteading, December 2016

Black Panther and the Promised Land
Electric Literature, December 2016

A Dry Town Goes Wet After More Than a Century
Atlas Obscura, May 2016

The Incredibly Convoluted History of Westmoreland County, Connecticut
Journal of the American Revolution, October 2014

Fight Over Solar in Bridgeport: Two Types of Environmentalism Collide
National Geographic Energy Blog, March 2014

The Whale-boat Men of Long Island Sound
Journal of the American Revolution, November 2013

Samuel Smedley and Prize Division
Journal of the American Revolution, August 2013

An Interview With Jeffrey E. Barlough, author of the Western Lights novels
Black Gate, January 2013

Bubble Curtains: Can They Dampen Sound Waves?
National Geographic News, February 2012

For Sale: Stamford Island Offers Off-Shore Retreat
Stamford Advocate, October 2010

Eight Million Sots in the Naked City
Reason, November 2007

The First Free State Project
Reason, December 2004

Tempest in a Coffeepot: Starbucks Invades the World
Reason, January 2003