Blogosaurus Begins

Dig, November/December 2013.I’ve been so busy I forgot to tout my latest assignment: writing a monthly column on dinosaurs for Dig.

The first column ran in the October issue. The November/December ish (at right) weighs the evidence of whether Triceratops was a separate species or just a baby Torosaurus. In coming months I will discuss why there’s no such thing as a raptor, T-rex’s teeth, if Spinosaurus actually had a sail-like fin on its back, and whether Pachycephalosaurus was a butthead.

Though you wouldn’t know it from the column’s title, Blogosaurus is only available in print or e-book. Alas, all of my suggestions for names were ixnayed; christening credit goes to the editor of Dig‘s sister magazine, Appleseeds. Some of my rejected titles included:

  • Don’t Take That Bone With Me Young Man
  • Do or Do Not, There Is No Triceratops
  • Mr. Gorbachev Ptero Down This Wall!
  • Diloph the Phone, Mom
  • That Was No Lady, That Was My Rex-Wife

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