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Nick Gillespie at graciously asked to interview me about Samuel Smedley, Connecticut Privateer. This was back in July; the outside temperature was close to triple digits, which is why my shirt is open to the navel; and if you squint you can see the sweat drying on my forehead. But I’m very grateful to Nick, cameraman Josh Swain, and most of all editor Meredith Bragg, who cut the video so that I don’t resemble the blabbering idiot I was during the interview. Thank you!

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  1. Hello and thanks for writing such a cool book. The history of privateering in this country is awesome, and it is little talked about in today’s modern era.

    On my blog called Feral Jundi, I have written extensively about privateers, letters of marque, and private industry during times of war. I refer to the privateering as a form of ‘offense industry’ or basically creating an industry that profits from the destruction of an enemy.

    I am also a security contractor and write about the current wars, and my industry’s involvement in them. If you are interested, you might find some great history topics at my blog, and definitely check out the categories ‘History’ or ‘Letter of Marque’. I hope your book sells well. -matt

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