A Sea Read for Your E-Reader

Samuel Smedley, Connecticut PrivateerSamuel Smedley, Connecticut Privateer is now available for Kindle. Other electronic formats, including Nook, should follow shortly.

Here’s the book description:

At age 23, Samuel Smedley became captain of the Connecticut state ship Defence during the American Revolution. He captured more than a dozen prizes, survived smallpox and shipwreck, saw his home burned to the ground by the British, and was twice caught and imprisoned by the enemy. And while he commanded two crews of “gentleman volunteers” — privateers — Smedley learned his profession onboard the ship Defence. But was there really a difference between the state navy and the privateers? With Smedley at the helm, what began “for the Defence of the sea-coasts” of Connecticut soon transformed into something else.

Why not celebrate Presidents Day with a little Rev War history delivered to your Kindle super-duper quick? Only $10!

Update: Now available for Nook.

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